COVID-19 Resources for Veterinary Practices

Hello, my veterinary friends! Thanks so much for joining recently with everything you have going on right now. I realize you’re all working extra hard to take care of your clients during this COVID-19 situation, so I appreciate your time.

My goal here is to help you with strategies to keep your clients informed, to demonstrate value to them in the face of nontraditional vet care, and to help you rise above the current obstacles to keep growing your practice.

As always, please only employ what you find of most value for your specific situation. Also, I recommend only implementing one new thing at a time so you can grow at a pace that maintains your dedication to quality client and patient care.

I appreciate the lengths you are going to take care of pets right now. You’re putting your lives on the line every day during this crisis. Please continue to take every measure possible to keep yourselves and yours safe and healthy.

I greatly admire your tenacity, and as a pet owner, I’m incredibly grateful.


Eric D. Garcia
[email protected]
+1 (813) 545-3044
IT & Digital Strategist & CEO
Simply Done Tech Solutions, LLC



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