IT Expert. Digital Marketer.
Industry Thought Leader.

I started my career by working hands-on at a veterinary practice for the better part of a decade. What I learned there would go on to impact my approach toward marketing veterinary practices for the rest of my life.

Now, helping veterinary practices around the world understand digital marketing isn’t simply my job; it’s my calling.

This is what I do day in and day out and it’s what I absolutely love.

Whether it’s speaking internationally in the Philippines, across Europe or at North American conferences like NAVC, I help veterinary practices adapt and thrive in a digital world that’s changing faster than ever.

VMX 2020 Speaker of the Year

Eric D. Garcia

IT Expert. Digital Marketer. Industry Thought Leader.

When it comes to helping veterinary practices streamline their technology and attract and retain clients, Eric Garcia has a proven track record of educating the industry and producing results.

Garcia began his career at Veterinary Medical Clinic nearly a decade ago. As an IT Administrator, he was instrumental in overhauling the technology of this large practice. His work included a complete network restructuring, the integration of diagnostic tools and deployment of new practice management software. Once this comprehensive technology solution was in place, Garcia quickly moved into a business management role, applying his IT acumen to the larger goal of growing the practice.

During this time, Garcia was also tapped to head up the account management and VP roles at Pet Vets and You, a firm specializing in website design and digital marketing services for veterinary practices. As he spoke to clients, Garcia recognized a common but serious disconnect between veterinarians, the use of technology within their practices and their approach to marketing. Leveraging his IT expertise and first-hand experience working at a veterinary practice, he brought each client new insights on growing their business through the intelligent integration of technology (inside the practice) and digital marketing to their external audiences.

Working with hundreds of veterinary practices around the globe allows me to understand which proven techniques can most easily adapt across all veterinary practices.

In 2009, Garcia began a new venture: Simply Done Tech Solutions. Building off his previous success, he founded Simply Done with a mission to help veterinary practices everywhere improve their services and marketing communications efforts. Garcia’s technology, marketing and social media consultations start with a complete assessment of each client’s practice. Once a baseline has been established, he creates a custom technology and digital marketing plan designed to elevate the practice’s business results. By implementing these plans, clients can improve their internal processes, provide better patient care and effectively market their services to current and new pet owners..

Digital Marketing & IT Guru With The Experience To Bring Your Practice Into The Digital Age.

As a consultant, my job isn’t to provide cookie-cutter information that you could just have easily found online. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
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