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Is it just me or has social media in vet med been a little extra... negative lately? Enough already. In just one week I have... Watched people shred a personal friend (that is by god a good person) apart in [...]

#UNPLUGGED: Your Stories.

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“Turning off social media, not checking email, and not feeling the urge to immediately respond to text messages removes that ever-present “being connected” weight from my shoulders and allows me to enjoy just being in the moment.” - Garret Pachtinger, VMD, [...]

#UNPLUGGED: You Make Your Own Rules

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If you haven’t tried #Unplugging yet, it’s not too late. Sure, I’ve been trying to convince you for a few years now, but then again, I’ve never minded a bit of persistence. If you’re just catching up, you may want [...]

The most important mobile app —

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We all know that technology is accelerating, but do we also know how to take advantage of these breakneck speeds? While our veterinary practices may have already learned to leverage the digital sphere with a stunning website loaded with compelling [...]

Instant Success with Instagram

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“Look at Instagram as your opportunity to share exclusive behind the scenes access to your veterinary practice.” – Eric D. Garcia The social media sites with the highest traffic in 2017 aren’t just getting millions of views; they’re receiving billions [...]

Texting Clients

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Regardless of how much clients trust the team at your clinic, dropping pets off for a procedure stresses them out. Here's another spot where technology can help! I'm a big fan of texting clients quick updates.

Go Ahead, Steal the Moment: #UNPLUGGED 2.0

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“Today with the advent of digital, we’re even more connected than previous generations… can we really afford to not unplug?”Eric D. Garcia We’ve all been there before. Maybe you promise yourself that this is the last email of the night, [...]