Communicating With Cat Owners

Eric D. Garcia

Eric D. Garcia is an expert when it comes to communicating with cat owners. Eric is an advisory board member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and a cat expert. Eric has served on several boards alongside global experts dedicated to helping veterinary professionals around the world increase the medicalization of cats. Eric has proudly lectured on communicating with cat owners to veterinary audiences around the world and worked with several pharmaceutical and pet nutrition companies with projects related to better engaging with cat owners.

The relationships we form with cats are something of a spiritual experience. The way they sense our emotions or how we read their moods just by looking at their eyes hints at an extraordinary connection.

Despite our love of animals and pets and their constant representation on websites and social media channels, I’ve found that veterinary practices rarely post about cats on social media and across their marketing efforts as a whole.

As a profession, we’re doing a better job at providing a great experience for cats in the hospital, from stress-free handling techniques to pheromone-diffused towels and even cat owner waiting areas. Of course, we still have a way to go, but we’re making improvements. However, we’re failing to engage cat owners at their core. If we can’t tap into the cat owner persona, engaging in a conversation about lifelong care will continue to be challenging.

When I consult with veterinary practices around the world, I comb through everything I see to get a holistic impression. This includes marketing materials in waiting rooms, the website, social media channels, and brochures. I’ve noticed that kittens are sometimes used in picturesque settings — a photo of a basket of kittens in a sun-drenched field is oh-so realistic — but cats are mostly neglected.

This page is dedicated to helping you help your cat owners with tips and resources you can use right away.

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